While many patients experience the relief from diseases with homeopathy, there has been much debate about whether the treatment works

Homeopathy is alternative medicine that uses a small amount of active ingredient to treat a disease. There’re millions of people have used homeopathy to cure their diseases and had good changes. Homeopathic medicine is known to be a safe remedy regulated by the FDA since the late 1980s. While many patients experience the relief from diseases with homeopathy, there has been much debate about whether the treatment works. Keep reading the article to know all risks and benefits of homeopathy.

Types of homeopathic treatments

The main feature of homeopathic medicine is “like cures like” principle. This helps stimulate the immune system and body’s ability to heal diseases. There’re some types of homeopathic treatments, including

  • Acute treatment. It’s suitable for minor diseases that you’ve gotten a short ago, but that may turn into more severe problems. For example, normal cold is a minor problem that can progress to pneumonia if left untreated. Thanks to homeopathy, cold can be relieved and your immune system is boosted to avoid the disease.
  • Chronic treatment. This addresses health problems that you’ve had for a while. Your homeopath will prescribe medication based on some factors. These can be your medical history, your natural immunity and resistance to disease. Then, he or she may set up a treatment plan to help regain your wellness.

During homeopathic treatments, the most important are a patient’s emotions and personality. These make homeopathy different from conventional medicine. Patients who usually think positively have good changes rapidly. That’s why, your doctor will always talk about your stress level, personal characteristic and relationships.

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Homeopathy can treat both acute and chronic conditions
Homeopathy can treat both acute and chronic conditions

What’re the benefits of homeopathy?

Homeopathy works very well. But, many people are doubting about the effectiveness of the treatment. To resolve their uncertainty, here’re the benefits of homeopathic treatment.

  1. Homeopathy is safe

Homeopathic medicines are made from plants, minerals and animals with low doses. Thus, they’re non- toxic and very safe. Besides, homeopathic medicines will not obstruct your digestive function and lower immune resistant. They’re also safe in the long term if taken as directed by your qualified homeopath. Moreover, homeopathy is a reliable method for pregnant, nursing women and children.

  1. Homeopathy is effective and acting fast

Homeopathic medicines are effective in both chronic and acute conditions. Some types of them are diluted with water, so they can be fast acting and recovering optimal health.

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  1. Homeopathy helps build resistance

The treatment focuses on disease at the root level and boost the immune system. Thanks to this, it increases the resistance to the disease.

Homeopathy helps build resistance
Homeopathy helps build resistance
  1. Homeopathy are proper for all life’s stages

Homeopathic medicines have no side effects or risk of toxicity, so they’re safe for everyone. The treatment is an ideal cure for all life stages, like children, adults, or pregnancy.

  1. Homeopathy is a natural and scientific medicine

This cure method is based on nature’s principle of treatment, called “like cures like”. It has a long standing healing traditional and is regulated by the FDA.

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  1. Homeopathy is applicable broadly

Homeopathic treatment addresses a wide range of health conditions. It can treat from minor problems to severe health conditions, such as

  • Allergies
  • Headaches
  • Asthma
  • Arthritis
  • Anxiety disorders
  • Fatigue
  • Digestive problem
  • Skin conditions
  • Autoimmune diseases: lupus, diabetes and celiac disease
  • Sexually transmitted diseases: genital herpes, genital warts and chlamydia
Homeopathic treatment can address a wide range of health conditions
Homeopathic treatment can address a wide range of health conditions

What’re the risks of homeopathy?

Because homeopathy contains a very low percentage of the active ingredient, they’re totally safe to use. People of all ages including children, breastfeeding women can be safe to take it. However, no medicine is without its side effects, even natural drugs. Homeopathy is, too. This comes from incorrectly replacing conventional treatments with homeopathic preparations. There have been side effects of homeopathic medicines, including:

  • Headaches
  • Nausea
  • Rashes
  • Abdominal pain
  • Liver damage
  • Serious reactions: kidney failure, seizures and death

In conclusion, to be as safe as possible, you always need to get your advice on specific homeopathic treatment plan. The plan should be set up by qualified homeopath, naturopathic physician, or other healthcare provider.

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Though homeopathy is safe to use, it has some side effects
Though homeopathy is safe to use, it has some side effects

Precautions to take while on homeopathic treatment

Though homeopathy is safe to use, there’re some precautions you must take before starting the treatment.

  • Check the labels of the medicines carefully when buying OTC formulation. Because homeopathic and conventional medicines are stored in one location, they can be mistaken.
  • Patients with serious health problems like cancer should not take homeopathic medicines. While cancer is progressing rapidly, slow effects of medicines could not act in time to help with the disease.
  • Keep the medicines in a cool place.
  • Avoid tea, coffee, and other strong smell foods while on homeopathic treatment.
  • Avoid touching the homeopathic medicines.
  • Don’t skip meals while on homeopathic treatments.
  • Should stop the medicines if you start to feel better after the course of the treatment.
You should take precautions before starting the treatment.
You should take precautions before starting the treatment

Homeopathy is a natural treatment used to treat a wide range of diseases. Though it has powerful benefits, there’re still some risks. However, the risk of homeopathic medicines is very low. With low active ingredients and aren’t non addictive like many prescriptions, homeopathy rarely has side effects.


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