Lots of couples think about oral sex as a healthy and enjoyable part of their sexual life. Oral sex also brings to weird feelings and builds up a good relationship. But, not many of them have total knowledge of this sex activity. There’re some facts about oral sex that you may be surprised. Let’s find out uncommon facts about this sex that you can protect yourself against unexpected risks.

8 facts about oral sex

1. You can get throat cancer due to oral sex

Most people have oral sex sometimes wonder whether oral sex gives throat cancer. The fact is not oral sex causes cancer. But the human papillomavirus (HPV) is spread through this sex may give you throat cancer. Depending on what types of HPV you catch, it can cause your cancer. Normally, there’re more than 100 types of HPV and most of them are harmless. But there are some certain types of HPV may induce your warts in genital area, cervical cancer and throat cancer. All unprotected sex activities will put your at dangers of getting them. Thus, you may get throat cancer through oral sex. If your partner has HPV, try to avoid oral sex or use condoms when having sex.

2. Oral sex is not entirely safe

Even though oral sex is enjoyable and doesn’t lead to pregnancy, it has lots of risks. This type of sex often gives you many chances of getting sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). Chlamydia, genital herpes, gonorrhea and syphilis are common STDs which can be spread through oral sex. Especially, when your partner have ulcers or sores in his/ her mouth, you’re more prone to be infected.

Oral sex can put you at risk of getting STDs
Oral sex can put you at risk of getting STDs

3. Oral sex makes you choke

Though you have many health benefits and good emotions from oral sex, it still has side effects. Some people who practice blowjob often experience more uncomfortable and less gross. Your gag reflex occurs when the penis is in the back of the throat. This makes you difficult to breathe. The best way to avoid it is to keep the penis far from back of your throat.

4. Women are prone to give blowjob

It’s so surprised. But a study in 2016 showed that women are more prone to give oral sex than men. The study was carried on 71 people at the ages between 16 and 18 and found some disturbing differences. They discovered that young males were more prone to talk negative things about female’s genitals. It seemed to be a “bigger deal” for male to practice blowjob than women, while female were more likely to give oral sex.

5. Giving oral sex makes men healthier

Though young men don’t like to give blowjob, research has published that a men gives oral sex for to his partner will be healthier. When performing blowjob on a women, she creates hormones like DHEA and oxytocin. These hormones which men absorb during sex are proven to be effective against cancer and other illnesses. Also, these hormones improve sleep and prevent headaches.

Blowjob makes men healthier
Blowjob makes men healthier

6. Oral sex can make women healthier

Blowjob may give you some STDs. But if you don’t have HPV and other infections, oral sex actually makes you healthier. This is because orgasms from oral sex can boost your immune system and improve your mood. Besides, some researchers say that blowjob reduces stress and has other health benefits.

7. Women are happier when performing oral sex

A study in 2010 shows that performing oral sex will make women happier. This study compared the sex life 250 women to their mental health, and found that performing blowjob on a man make them happier. Why? Because semen has mood changing effects that make you happier. Besides, it can improve sleep better and make you fell more affection for your partner. So, if you want to get in a good mood and your partner is ready, give an oral sex.

8. Oral sex enhances your relationship

To perform oral sex, both of you need to have open and honest communication. This helps strengthen your relationship. Not only that, hormones produced during oral sex will help improve your moods and attract your partner.

Oral sex enhances your relationship
Oral sex enhances your relationship

Safe sex oral practice

Before performing oral sex, it’s important to know if you and your partner know history sex. Both of you should avoid having blowjob once getting an STD. It’s good for you to take some precautions:

–    When giving oral sex, you should use a condom or a dam. This helps reduce your danger of getting STDs. In cases the taste of condoms make you uncomfortable, you can change another flavor. Besides, a dam works as a barrier between the vagina and the mouth, so you can prevent a sexually transmitted infection.

–   Avoid brushing your teeth before giving an oral sex, this may cause your gums bleeding. Wait 30 minutes before performing it. If you want to wash your mouth, you can try mouthwash or mint.

–   Don’t perform blowjob if you’re developing open sores cuts, in the mouth or genital areas.

Oral sex is interesting and makes you happier, but it still contains lots of risks. To enjoy oral sex, you and your partner should make sure that both of you are healthy and negative with STDs. If you’re suffering from some STDs, try to cure it immediately. You can use ProsurX to treat genital herpes and apply VidaroX to cure HPV. Besides, you may try some home remedies to heal them.


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