You may think that it’s so funny when urine tells about your health. But this’s very important, your pee says a lot about your health and diet. The color of urine will reveal what types of food you eat daily, whether you’re hydrated enough or if you have an infection. It also tells if you’re lack of vitamins or on medications. Thus, you need to look at your pee. It says more thing than you think.

Your urine tells about your health

You can learn what’s going on inside your body through what comes out. Let’s take a glance at the color of your pee, you will understand how your health is.

You drink too much water

Normally, your pee can change in color from pale to dark yellow. This is explained that yellow of pee comes from urochrome. This’s a product of the hemoglobin’s breakdown which balances the amount of waste in your pee. So, if you drink more water, you will go to the restroom more often and pee will be lighter.

A person averagely pees four to eight times per day and produce about 6.5 cups of urine. If you go to toilet many times per day, you will notice that your urine is transparent. This could be a signal of overhydrated. You may not know that drinking too much water isn’t good for your body. It may dilute your body of essential salts and make a risky dangerous chemical imbalance in the blood, known as water intoxication.

Most people don’t understand why they’re always thirsty. It may be because the sodium level in the blood is imbalance. When the level of sodium in the blood is too low, your cells need more water that can make them swell. This’s so dangerous in your brain. So, try to talk to your health provider if you’re uncommonly thirsty.

Drinking too much water can change urine color
Drinking too much water can change urine color

You’re dehydrated

When your pee is dark, it could be a sign of dehydration. This may cause your pee to be honey-colored or dark. You should drink water if you thirst. It’s good to drink at least eight glasses of water each day. But there is no useful recommendation on how much water each person need. The amount may change depending on person’s diet, body size and activity level.

You’re taking medication

Urinary tract infection can make your pee red, brownish or cloudy and have strong smell. This occurs since bacteria has entered into your urethra or tube that carry urine out of the body. Also, taking medication can mess with your pee. It causes discoloration in your urine. Harvard Health indicates that senna, thioridazine and chlorpromazine may make reddish pee. Vitamin C, warfarin and rifampin can cause your urine a bright orange color. Also, pills which contain blue color can turn your pee green or blue.

You’re pregnant

Urination frequently and urine smell are the common symptoms of pregnancy. These occur due to an increase in hormones, especially progesterone and hCG hormones. Besides, your body starts to produce more fluids during pregnancy that the kidneys need to remove. Many pregnant women also notice their urine smell changes during pregnancy. Hormonal changes may make your urine have a pungent odor, especially in the first trimester.

Urination frequently and urine smell are the common symptoms of pregnancy
Urination frequently and urine smell are the common symptoms of pregnancy

You may get diabetic kidney disease

Too much protein in your pee may lead to foamy urine. This’s often the initial signal of the disease, which is the cause of kidney breakdown. It destroys small blood vessels of kidneys and makes your body hold on more water, salt and waste in the blood. If you have the disease, your doctor will test your pee to consider a protein, called albumin in your body.

You can have lupus

The disease occurs when your immune system is imbalance. Lupus destroys many organs in your body. It also affects your kidney and produces foamy urine or bloody. To make sure that whether you get lupus, try to meet doctor to be diagnosed and find out treatments. The disease may take you a long time to see the right diagnosis.

When you need to see a doctor

Contact your doctor, if you experience:

–         Blood is in your pee. It can show you’re suffering from urinary tract infection or other infections. It also indicates prostate problems or kidney stones. Besides, your pee may look murky or cloudy in these conditions. Pain can occur at the same time.

–         Mercury poisoning causes blood in your urine. People can have mercury poisoning from eating fish which contains too much mercury.

–         Urine color changes. Strong odor and unusual color may indicate diseases and other medical conditions. These include diabetes, lupus, bladder infection and cystitis.

Your eyes may be a window of the soul, but the restroom is a window of your body. Through urine in the toilet bowl, you can understand about your health. Blood in the pee is often a serious sign of kidney or urinary tract infection. The sugar levels in your urine can show a danger of diabetes. Or dark color of pee may be a sign of dehydration. So, it’s important for you to take a look at urine in the restroom. It can be one of the best things you can do for your health.



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